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The Secret to Achieving Beautiful Skin From Within

“Your digestive tract is like the soil, and your hair and skin are like the plants: if the soil isn’t healthy, the plants won’t bloom properly.” — Dr. Robynne Chutkan, author of Gut Bliss.

These wise words sum up the link between how well your digestive system is functioning and how you achieve natural beauty from the inside out.

Your digestive tract is where you absorb the essential nutrients needed to produce healthy skin cells, and to synthesize the proteins (such as collagen) that keep your skin smooth, hair shiny, and nails healthy.

This is why the very first place to begin improving the health of your skin, hair, and nails is to improve your digestion. And if you want brighter, clearer, smoother, and younger looking skin, it’s crucial that you understand the gut-skin axis.

Your Skin is a Reflection of Your Digestion

Only a few short years ago, many health professionals believed there was no link between the skin and your diet. While the whole chocolate and acne thing may be a myth, there is solid evidence that the health and appearance of your skin is a direct reflection of how well your gut is functioning. This connection is called the gut-skin axis.

In short, the gut-skin axis is the link between imbalances in the gut microbiome (including a lack of healthy gut bacteria, systemic inflammation, an overburdened liver, and intestinal permeability, which is also known as leaky gut) and skin problems, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, hives, rashes, rosacea, and even premature aging and oily, dull, or dry skin.

Now, the gut-skin axis is a big (and fascinating) enough topic to become an entire article on its own. But by simply understanding that your gut and skin are interconnected, you now hold the “key” to enhancing your natural beauty from within.

So, when you have a stubborn breakout, or notice your hair getting dry and brittle, save the trip to the beauty counter and head to your local grocery store instead. Here are the top nutrients to stock up on for glowing skin, shiny hair, and strong, healthy nails.

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