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This skincare will give your skin a turn around

If you want to move onto natural cosmetics and you don’t know how to start or where to buy shampoos without sulphates, a shower gel or a body scrub with natural ingredients and toxic free, we have the solution. We introduce to you a detox plan that includes 5 products for your skin, hair and face care. They stimulate, revitalize and purify your skin. All the products included in this detox plan have not been animal tested and are suitable for vegans. This is the first pack that Freshly Cosmetics launched and almost two years later it is still gaining fans: the Skincare Detox Plan.

What is the Skincare Detox Plan?

The Skincare Detox Plan is an experience for all 5 senses in the framework of natural cosmetics linked to the well-being of our body and mind. It’s the healthiest plan because its application allows us to release toxic compounds which affect daily the correct functioning of our skin. The natural active principles included like focus algae or rooibos tea have a detox effect that helps eliminate toxins and get our skin to breath, improving its functions and structure. The products included in the skincare are the most used on a daily basis and for this reason they have a bigger effect to our organism in the long term. Adding these 5 Freshly products in one Detox plan makes it easier for us to notice the benefits in our skin.

Which products are included?

As commented, this is about natural products for our skin care, hence the name of this detox plan. Some of them can be used on the shower and some others are meant to be used outside. Let’s see!

Detox Refreshng Shampoo: A shampoo without silicones nor parabens nor sulphates that replaces the aggressiveness of sulphates for a smooth cleanser based on natural principles derived from coconut and other actives like aloe vera that help to prevent capillary irritations. Detox Revitalizing Body Scrub: The natural body exfoliation is made from biodegradable exfoliating particles instead of the plastic particles commonly used in conventional cosmetics. We are talking about medium and fine size grain bamboo powder particles as well as raspberry seeds that improve cell renewal and skin texture.

Detox Nourishing Shower Gel: In natural cosmetic is also very important the use of a shower gel that helps you to free your skin form the silicones that clog your pores. The Shower Gel included on the Skincare Detox Plan has almond oil, avocado oil, aloe vera and oats. These active principles give the skin a natural feel and leave a lasting hydration after rinsing.

Detox Firming Body Cream: Natural active principles like caffeine, ginger and asiatic centella provide a deep hydration and nourish your skin. Apply them every morning and at night time for a radiant skin. Its natural perfume of blackcurrant, papaya and peach will transport you to a tropical paradise.

Detox Purifying Facial Tonic: We use it in our daily routine to get rid of impurities, usually from pollution. It purifies, it tones the skin by closing the pores and it calms it with natural active principles like lime, burdock and camomile. Its spray format allows you to refresh the face with just a couple of spray pumps.

Moreover, a useful guide with some tips

With your Skincare Detox Plan you’ll receive a complete guide with useful tips about how to use each product and the steps for a correct application. This guide, in brochure format, will help you on your first days of using the Skincare Detox Plan. Besides, you’ll discover some tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Packaging presentation and delivery

The Skincare Detox plan is an experience for your five senses, starting with a presentation taken care of in every detail. You’ll receive it in a kraft recycled box with a handmade note that’ll make you fall in love. Keeping on with the Freshly philosophy, our product packaging is made of aluminium, reusable and 100% recyclable.

We prepare all our orders with affection and dedication and once it’s ready, we try our best to ship it to you as soon as possible (read here all Shipping conditions). We deliver to all Europe. If you want to buy the healthiest experience just visit our natural cosmetics online store and choose the Skincare Detox Plan to add to your cart.

If you need more information about natural cosmetic products, we have available in our web a list of ingredients and natural active principles of each product with its benefits. We also share some commentsfrom people that have already tried it. What are you waiting for to start your healthiest detox plan?

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