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Best & Pure Spray Dried Pineapple Powder


Speciality: No sugar,No Preservatives,No artificial color or Chemical added

Properties: Pineapple is rich in Vitamins A, B6, E, and K; Calcium; Folate; Iron; Magnesium,Phosphorus,Potassium, Zinc


Pineapple powder obtained through the process of spray drying is a popular ingredient in the food industry. This technique involves spraying a solution of pineapple pulp onto a heated surface, which evaporates the liquid leaving behind a fine powder. The resulting powder is a concentrated form of pineapple that retains much of its original flavor, aroma, and nutritional content.

Spray-dried pineapple powder is widely used as a natural sweetener, flavoring agent, and nutritional supplement in various food products such as bakery goods, desserts, and beverages. It is also utilized in the production of dietary supplements, functional foods, and animal feed.

The advantages of using spray-dried pineapple powder are numerous. Firstly, it has a long shelf life and can be stored for extended periods without losing its flavor or nutritional value. Secondly, it is easy to handle and mix with other ingredients, making it an ideal component for food formulations. Additionally, it is a cost-effective alternative to using fresh pineapple, which has a short shelf life and requires specialized handling and processing.

Moreover, pineapple powder is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that offer numerous health benefits. It contains vitamin C, which is essential for boosting immunity and collagen synthesis, as well as antioxidants that protect the body against oxidative stress. Pineapple powder also contains bromelain, an enzyme that aids in digestion and helps reduce inflammation.

In conclusion, spray-dried pineapple powder is a versatile ingredient that offers numerous benefits to the food and nutrition industry. Its long shelf life, easy handling, cost-effectiveness, and nutritional value make it an excellent option for various food products.

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